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poison ivy in spring

Here Comes Poison Ivy

Here it comes again! Here in New England, everywhere you look, little red leaves of three are sprouting.  In the southern states it is probably

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weeds in Italy

Not Poison Ivy!

How did I know, immediately, without getting closer that there was no poison ivy in these weeds? Does that stone-brick decayed looking old-world wall suggest

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Here They Come!

As spring rolls from south to north, expect to see lots of these two vines coming to life. One of them is our old buddy,

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poison ivy fencepost

Poison Ivy Fencepost

This was taken in lovely Duchess County in New York State on a particularly lovely dairy farm.  What happens in cases like this, where poison

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poison sumac with SeeLeaf test

Actual Poison Sumac

This is a positive test for poison sumac! Poison sumac is pretty rare and only grows in very wet areas, whereas poison ivy is everywhere

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