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Visit the Skin Rash Hall of Fame

Over the years people who are suffering from nasty poison ivy (or oak or sumac) skin rashes have sent in photos to share.

They send photos primarily because they want everyone to how how BAD the poison ivy rash can be.

If you visit our Skin Rash Hall of Fame you will see a range of rashes from annoying to utterly horrifying. They get worse as you go along so you can stop when you can’t take any more.

We used to get lots of rash photos as candidates for the Hall of Fame, but fewer these days because some of the bad ones are SO bad that an average rash just can’t compete.

Along with being really nasty, the Hall of Fame does serve good purposes; it is probably the single largest online collection of poison ivy rashes, so it is likely useful for anyone looking to see what the rash really looks like.

But proceed with caution when you go visit. The gentlemen shown, our poison ivy rash master of ceremonies, had a bad one, but probably not so bad that Facebook will not allow it to be seen!