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Another Poison Ivy Face Rash

In her own words:

“My temples were swollen so badly that I saw one of the doctors jump in surprise when they came into the room, through the very small slit I could see through in my left eye when I could get it pried open. They gave me 3 times normal steroid dose. I passed out cold. They thought they killed me. They said I never should have gone straight to sleep, it should have made me jittery instead. So they rushed to take blood pressure and heart rate and kept me several more hours to watch me.

I got poison ivy from pulling weeds at work. I must have wiped it straight into my eye. I’m a waitress by the way and I was out of work for a week over this.”

The amazing thing here is that in the first photo, where she is totally swelled up, she doesn’t look that unhappy! Maybe she was under the spell from the ER drugs. This is the reason for this site. Be aware that poison ivy and oak are VERY common, and if there is ANY chance you have touched it, never touch your face or rub your eyes!