Yes, these are mostly all about eastern poison ivy, not about Pacific Poison oak: we have not gotten many from California. Have you got a good one?

crown of thorns

Crown of Thorns

My husband was to appear as Jesus during our church’s Maundy Thursday service this year (March 2002). He asked me to try and find something

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Off-leash Husky

Today while examining a minor itchy, puffy rash near my right eye — almost certainly poison oak — I was reminded of my introduction to

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Real Life Tom Sawyer

Like many summers before, the wild raspberry fields drew me away from white-washing the fence. So I’d scamper off to the fields in my painting

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Sting Along With Itch

One morning I quickly threw on some loose-legged shorts, sans underwear, and went out to pull some weeds. Unbeknownst to me, I was receiving multiple

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Nix the BenGay!

Our son Nelson, as a boy of 11, got in contact with poison ivy while creating a fort in the woods; he developed the noxious

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Fish Story

We were fishing and catching some nice catfish and perch. My brother-in-law went off in another direction. He came back with lots of fish and

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The Worst Case

The absolute worst case I’ve ever had, or ever even heard of, occurred when I was a child of about ten. My family was renting

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At a Nascar race, we camped in a HUGE campground with approximately 75,000 people. Well, one night after drinking a little a friend and I

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Basic Training

It was the summer of 2003. I was just a young lad camping with a couple of friends before I shipped off for basic training.

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