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You will notice that the ads we feature are kept aside from the content. So many major webpages have ads strewn throughout the content to the point where you can hardly read the story.

And we also have NO popups on this site, other than the main menu, which only shows up if you click it. I hate popups and will not inflict them on people!

Enjoy the site, learn from it, share with others.

I created this website a few decades ago because I saw a need to educate people about the various kinds of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac that cause so much grief in the United States, and a tiny bit in Canada and Mexico.

I put out all of the best information I can find about the plants, dealing with the rash, and so on. All of this is free, other than the products that we sell and ship.

Over the years the site has expanded to include the Skin Rash Hall of Fame, which was requested by rash sufferers that wanted to share their misery, but also let others know how serious the rash can be.

Poison ivy removal companies requested listings, so I added that section.

The site makes a little money from ads and from selling products on our store page. Don’t worry… I ain’t getting rich off this!

Because of the changes in search engine algorithms, the site has gone from number one to page three and back. We do what we can to outreach. If you link to this site from any online presence you have that will help people find the site.

That is me, Jon Sachs, in the photo, holding a particularly huge poison ivy plant during an education walk.

This site is just one of the many projects I have involved myself in. You can learn about my other harebrained projects at my jonsachscollected website.

I took most all of the plant photos on the site. If you need photos of these plant you are welcome to use mine, but please leave the www.poison-ivy.org signature in them, and if you can, link to this site.

I have given talks about poison ivy and now, with Zoom, can also deliver such presentations anywhere. 

Use the contact page to send feedback, polite complaints, and requests.

There are few things in life where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is more true than with these plants.

If you just recognize and avoid the plants you will save yourself and loved ones from hours, days, and weeks of misery!