How to use AITEX skin cleanser for NO more POISON IVY/OAK.

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poison ivy on bark
April 1, 2020

This is particularly clear example of the hairy climbing vine that poison ivy often becomes.

The reddish hairs show nicely against the dark bark. And you can see both thick vine and thinner vines, plus one hanging off the right side that has no hairs at all.

free information downloads
March 23, 2020

We see people going for walks outdoors during this COVID-19 pandemic and we know people are also worried about poison ivy, of if in California, poison oak.

So we have made up three free downloads:

• A poison ivy fact fact sheet

• A poison oak fact sheet

March 12, 2020

All of the nasty face rashes from poison ivy come from people touching their face after getting the plant oil on their hands. Rarely does anyone touch poison ivy directly with their face.

So poison ivy reminds us that we can bring invisible bad stuff from hands to face. 

Urushiol lacquer table
March 9, 2020

In Japan and China, there is a tree that has a sap containing urushiol, the same oil that causes the skin rash from poison ivy, oak and sumac.