Fish Story

We were fishing and catching some nice catfish and perch. My brother-in-law went off in another direction. He came back with lots of fish and said: “Follow me!” So off we went and as the weeds grew higher I pulled away weeds, shrubs, and green leaves as I opened up a path. As I pushed through, the leaves cut my skin. Once in the water I cooled off and washed my face…it felt great!

The next day, I started feeling feverish… my face was burning and swelling… ooze starting forming in the blisters until my right eye was shut. I wasn’t aware I had caught poison ivy until I went into the ER. I had 2 shots and they helped bring down the inflammation on my face so I was able to see.

Of many creams, the one that helped was BENADRYL along with bath treatments with AVEENO. And Natural Analgesic w/Emu Oil works wonders provides soothing relief to inflamed sores, blisters. I’m still healing from the poison ivy blisters. I’m in my 2nd week.