Never Had Poison Ivy in 40 Years, But…

Growing up in the wilds of Tennessee, I’ve spent the majority of my life in the woods. In almost 40 years, I’ve never had the slightest reaction to poison ivy, oak or sumac.

Recently I moved to the great midwestern state of Indiana. We’re in an older home with a yard that was more than a little overgrown with honeysuckle, weeds and various unwelcome plants. A week ago last Sunday, I attempted to bring some order to the chaos and dove into the yard with both hands. Concerned about the elements, I coated myself in sunscreen, bug spray, gloves and a hat. I also wore a tank top and shorts.

Seven days later, I am one large open wound from my wrists to my elbows and ankles to knees. Turns out underneath that honeysuckle and wild grapevine was lurking the nasty PI! Because it was mixed in with other vines, it didn’t look very threatening.

This week I went outside and assessed the yard again. Thanks to my hard work clearing away the competing plants, the poison ivy is big, strong, green and shiny. Glad I could help!