A Tale of Two Tents

When I was in college I took a class in “Camping.” My friend and I were late getting to our campsite on one of our scheduled trips and had to pitch our tents in darkness. His tent had a floor, but mine did not. We both set up our tents in a poison ivy thicket, but the consequences were much worse for me. I was covered with blisters on every square inch of my body. My eyes swelled shut and I was running a temperature when my dorm mates carried me to the campus nurse. She bathed me in alcohol and then Caladryl.

I was more miserable in the next two weeks than any other time of my life. I can personally state as well, that there are certain portions of the male anatomy which do not appreciate the application of rubbing alcohol. What a lesson I learned in Camping!

(Editor’s note: sharp-eyed viewers can see this photo does not show the actual tents in the story because both of the ones shown have a floor.)