At a Nascar race, we camped in a HUGE campground with approximately 75,000 people. Well, one night after drinking a little a friend and I took a “shortcut” into the woods. We sat down in the woods to watch fireworks and do some other things.

The next morning my friend came down to my campsite complaining of a rash all over both of his arms, his legs, and his butt. So we went to the campground security office. The security officer took one look at him and said “Sorry but you have poison ivy, oak, or sumac”. He loaded us up in the ambulance and took us to the “Nascar Infield Care” where all the Nascar drivers were taken care of when they crashed.

They prescribed him some prednisone and Benadryl and told him to stay out of the woods. We also saw Dale Earnheart Jr., who was being treated for flu — he overheard the doctors telling us this and just smiled and laughed.

A whole week later I was suddenly covered in a red, itchy rash all over my buttock cheeks, down the outside of my thighs, my lower back, my neck (don’t know how it got there), and my sides.