A Cord of Wood for Cheap

I responded to a local ad to buy a cord of wood for cheap money in the dead of a New England winter. One catch was that I would have to transport it, which was no problem. There was a hidden catch, though. While gathering the wood I noticed a number of dead-looking vines. I didn’t think anything of it. I had gloves on and made a conscious effort not to touch any exposed skin. I didn’t know what the vines were, but I am naturally paranoid of the evil plant.

After the first truck-load, I asked the gentlemen helping me load the wood what the vine was and he said poison ivy. I then started to get even more nervous with that confirmation. He said I wouldn’t catch it. I didn’t believe him, of course. After the second load I went home and threw my gloves out and washed my hands with a lot of soap and water, then rubbing alcohol. I went back for the final load and threw those gloves away as well after. 3 – 4 days later the rash was on my arms and wrists – not the worst case but still there.