Off-leash Husky

Today while examining a minor itchy, puffy rash near my right eye — almost certainly poison oak — I was reminded of my introduction to poison oak when I first moved to San Jose, California, in 1984. Had no idea it existed.

On a warm summer day, took my young Siberian Husky for an off-leash romp in the local state park. (You know where this is going.) He came back to check in periodically, coming to stand between my bare legs and be petted. So sweet! Until about 24 hours later, when a horribly itchy rash appeared from calf to crotch on the inside of my legs.

This was long ago, when physicians weren’t so careful about steroids, and mine gave me prednisone shots. God bless her! Miracle drug.

(Editor’s note: this is not the actual dog; this is a stock photo, but the husky in the photo seems to be feeling some remorse about things…)