The King of the Poison Ivy Skin Rash Hall of Fame

Welcome to the infamous Poison Ivy skin Rash Hall of Fame. If you proceed, the rashes you will see are really… just plain disgusting. And some are worse that that.

But we display them for two reasons:

  1. Education. People have asked to SEE what the rash looks like. And since rashes come in many sizes and degrees of nastiness, we give you quite a few.
  2. The people who sent these images to us have gone through some really nasty times with theses rashes and they simply want to show the world how bad it can be. They want you to be impressed with what they have gone through, but they also want to scare you into taking poison ivy (and poison oak and poison sumac) seriously

It took us some years to get this collection, and the additions have slowed down: most people see the very bad rashes here and realize theirs is not that bad…

But if you want to submit your skin rash photo and get a free Tshirt, submit it here.