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Maria’s Nightmare Poison Ivy Rash

This is a case where a picture is not worth a thousands words. You need to hear Maria’s story before you can appreciate just how bad her experience with poison ivy was, and understand how very bad it can be. In her own words. And this is the first story we have had about CBD oil being a magic remedy!

“The Emergency Room docs asked me if I had rolled in it naked, and that was only after 2 days of giving me every conceivable diagnostic test, when they finally believed it was just a bad reaction to poison ivy. I overheard a nurse suggesting that perhaps I had flesh eating bacteria.”

“At about 2 weeks after exposure, I burst into blisters and liquid was just pouring out of me everywhere. I couldn’t keep my clothes or sheets dry, and I kept slipping out of my flip flops, when I tried to walk. At the E.R. they had a guy mopping up behind me as I walked thru the lobby.”

“I stopped leaking a few days later after the draining began, but the itching was insane!!!!! When I had thought at the 1 week mark that that was my worst experience ever, that was only because I had no idea of how bad it was going to get. People had told me it would go away in a few days or a week tops, but at week 3 it was still getting worse… in every imaginable way and nothing the doctors or home remedies did for me helped.”

“I was disciplined about not scratching, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t want to desperately. The itching and lack of sleep was literally driving me mad. I wanted to pour scalding water on myself, and I fantasized about pouring bleach on my skin and exfoliating with a green scouring pad from Home Depot, or about just scraping the top layer of skin off with a knife.”

“On my 2nd visit to the E.R., after the leaking stopped, large portions of skin started dissolving and leaving large patches of exposed red flesh, I mentioned my fantasies to one of the doctors, and they actually prescribed me a… I don’t know what you call them…crazy people meds? It was something for my mental health, as opposed to something to treat the rash.”

“I’m just sending you partial leg shots, but I had it up my torso and chest and even in my ears. At about 4 and a half weeks, I was left looking like a swollen burn victim and itching so bad that it would make me burst into tears, and I don’t cry easy and can stand a fair amount of suffering. I’ve broken my tail bone in the past and had what my doctor called a Hall of Fame worthy bout of shingles, too, but I’d choose to endure both of those again over enduring another poison ivy rash experience like this one.”

“So at nearing the 5 week mark, I think it was, I sent some pix to a friend who had been out of town during this whole time, and she freaked out. She asked why I hadn’t told her sooner, since she makes medicinal CBD oils. I told her (and she already knew) that I think CBFD oils are a bunch of hocus pocus. But even so, at this point I was willing to try anything. She called a mutual friend to bring me a 16 ounce tub of her CBD oils, and i rubbed it on sparingly, as I was apprehensive due to having had a couple allergic reactions to marijuana, when I tried to smoke and eat it in college. As soon as I put the oil on, however, I could feel a soothing calming reaction. I still itched, but immediately my skin didn’t feel like I had bugs crawling all over me.”

“By the next morning (the photo taken looking down at my legs & feet), the crusty skin had stopped oozing completely and I felt like the tension in my skin had lessened. Up to this point my calves and ankles had been getting wider every day. Within 4-5 days of applying the oil, (generously at this point), all the crust was gone and the swelling had dropped by half. I finally felt like I was on the mend. I still itched really intensely, but no longer had to wear socks on my hands at night, for fear of scratching while I slept.”

“At 12 days after my first CBD application, my legs were still moderately swollen, my ankles still fairly swollen, but I could walk, and the redness in my skin was almost all gone. Anyway….that’s my story. Almost. One more thing: I’m an avid gardener, but I noticed that about a month or so later, when I went to a local nursery, I did not feel comfortable walking near or touching ANY plants. I felt traumatized, like I had PTSD. I left the nursery without purchasing anything, which is unheard of for me. It’s been almost 8 months now, since I hiked through the poison ivy.”

“Emotionally and mentally I’m all better, and there is only the faintest discoloration on a few areas of my legs, to mark the WORST experience of my life ever.”