Actual Poison Sumac!

poison sumac

Poison sumac is a funny topic. Many of the hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors to this site are searching for poison sumac info in Google.

And yet, in 15 years of running this site, I have gotten very few actual photos of poison sumac: it is just not that common.

I can remember the first day my family moved to the country and as soon as we got out of the car there was talk of poison sumac. But over the next 18 years we never found any, while the entire farm was infested with tons of poison ivy.

There is tons of sumac, along most highways, but it is not poison sumac: it is usually staghorn or smooth sumac.

So when I get a real photo of poison sumac it is party time here at the office. This terrific photo was taken by MarK Engel, in Wisconsin. The photo clearly shows the sprays of berries, the red stems, smooth leaves, and best of all, the water in the background. Poison sumac just never grows in dry areas, and often with its root right in the water or mud.

Good going, Mark!