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poison ivy graphic FREE ID SERVICE
If you can't identify a plant from the photos on this site you are welcome to send me your images for identification.

Attach them to an email (but pleez, don't send lots of HUGE files).

By the way, I am a one-trick pony. I can only identify poison ivy, oak, and sumac.

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Search the whole web.

By the way, you might check out a different site I put together all about photography, called Photomatters. It's also free and fun to explore.

poison ivy poster
We sell poison ivy posters and cards to help you avoid the plant.

Our ID cards are life-size images that you can carry in the field and compare to the actual plants.

We have three new posters:

- An English-Spanish poison ivy poster
- Poison ivy in French for our French-Canadian friends
- A Pacific Poison Oak and Western Poison-Ivy poster designed for California and the west coast!

Card sets cost $29.50, posters $19.50.
Go to the store page.

  poison ivy T-shirt

New: Poison Ivy T-Shirts!

These are high-quality shirts, printed in two colors on both sides!

The front shows what poison ivy ALWAYS has, the back shows what it NEVER does.

The off-white shirt is so popular that we were asked to add a black V-neck model.

Both available in 5 sizes.

As you can see, the T-shirts have been so popular I am literally beside myself. Send me YOUR photo of you in our T-shirt: maybe you can be our spokesmodel.

Go to the store page.


Poison Ivy Control
See our list of Professional Poison Ivy Control Services, some using the manual method, some the chemical.


diggerAnnouncing the ALL NEW 2014 Skin Rash Hall of Fame!
Viewers send in their own rash photos. After all they have suffered, they WANT people to see what they went through. And motivate others to learn how to avoid the rash. If you think you can stand it, click here to see the rashes.

  rash samples The old Hall of Fame had only 50 images. The new one has over 80; some of these new rash photos are large enough that they will change your life! Be prepared.
  Prof. JeleskoBe a Citizen Scientist:
Help with Poison Ivy Research
Work with the Jelesko Lab at Virginia Tech to conduct research about poison ivy and it's relatives. To learn more go to: http://www.poisonivyresearch.ppws.vt.edu.
  poison ivy arm rash

Featured Photo:
We recently received this photo of a young fellow with a nasty rash. This is why we do this: to help people recognize the plant and avoid this kind of thing!

(If you are looking for the nightmare face rash photo, you can click here, but you asked for it.)


earthPoison Ivy and CO2!
According to the Wall Street Journal, research published in Weed Science (is your subscription up to date?) indicates that poison ivy has gotten MUCH nastier since the 1950's. Leaf size and nasty oil content are way up.

So it is not your imagination that it is worse than when you or your parents were kids. Seems like a minor problem, all in all, considering the possible consequences of a 33% increase in CO2 in only 50 years. Since poison ivy absorbs more than its share of CO2, it is helping combat climate change. So there IS something to love about this plant.

By the way, every so often someone threatens me for talking about climate change, which they claim is a liberal hoax. So here's the deal: Every time somebody threatens me, I will increase the amount of information about climate change on this website. So go right ahead and hassle me. Make my day.

Recently I got a few climate-change deniers hassling me, so as promised, I am adding more info about climate change every time they act up: The planet just passed above the 400 parts per-million number. It was 280 ppm before people starting burning fossil fuel. And we can't rely on poison ivy to absorb all that excess CO2.

Got another ignorant email about climate change, so as promised, here is more information about how real and urgent it is. You see that things have gotten colder in some parts of the US, but a lot warmer in more places. And CO2 has gone from about 300ppm to 400ppm just in my lifetime!

Yup, got another unpleasant email about climate change, so here is my next update, as promised. (He sent me to a website purported to show climate change / global warming is a hoax. But it was a pseudo-science site, set up secretly by some energy company.) And here are just 3 sites that confirm the vast scientific consensus about climate change. Good reading here:

Scientific American
Huffington Post
NASA (this one states that 97% of climate scientists agree)

  Poison Oak ShowThe Poison Oak Festival
Every year the St. Charles Saloon in Columbia, California runs a Poison Oak Festival. A few years back yours truly ventured all the way out there to see what it was all about, and get some photos of Poison Oak.
  Use of Poison Ivy, Sumac and Oak Photographs
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Newspaper, magazine, and book publishers, we will supply you with high res print quality images at no cost in return for crediting this site. Contact us.

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