Welcome to the World of Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac

There is a great deal of confusion about poison ivy vs. poison oak since there are two kinds of poison ivy and two kinds of poison oak. Learn more.

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The Blog

July 1, 2015

I got an email from a veterinarian technician: she says dog CAN get poison ivy.

June 24, 2015

A viewer sent in this very good photo of poison ivy seedling. I think it's cute but she doesn't. You can see the baby leaves, the oval-shaped leaves called cotyledons.

June 22, 2015

The biggest problem in trying identify poison ivy is how VARIABLE the plant can be. I couldn't be sure about this plant.

June 15, 2015

I was out for a walk one day and ran into a rather educated nature observer. He was able to identify various tree species that I didn't know of. But then he made an interesting statement that struck me as both very lovely and quite untrue.