Does Poison Ivy Grow This Tall?

tall poison ivy

Poison ivy is a vine. It runs along the ground and climbs on trees and buildings. So here we see a plant with stalks over six feet tall. So can this be poison ivy?

The answer is a clear, definite YES. This IS poison ivy, from the short plants in the foreground to the tall stalks further back. (Behind the poison ivy are actual trees.)

So how did this ground plant become almost a shrub or small tree? Poison ivy is extremely flexible in how it grows. It will do whatever it needs to find sunlight. Here, it was growing on the ground and found nothing to climb up on. Meanwhile, other weeds were growing up around it, shading it, so staying low on the ground gave it too little sun. So it started growing upwards and once it "learned" that that worked, it kept  growing upwards and has become a small shrub.

How tall will it get? I would guess not much taller because it simply can't develop a thick and strong enough trunk to support a real tree-like structure.

But this is a lesson in how variable this plant can be: ground vine, climbing vine, and occasionally a tall, spindly shrub.