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It hadn't dawned on me about wearing shorts to use a weedeater - it has now. And I took a good bath and made it spread.


One morning I quick threw on some loose legged shorts, sans underwear, and went out to pull some weeds. Unknown to me, I was receiving multiple mosquito bites in anatomical locations unmentionable.


A friend and I were on a wilderness trip and we were caught outside after dark. We got off the trail and spent some time blundering around in the brush.


I spotted some luscious looking wild raspberries growing just off the road. Into the patch I went. I ate all the berries I could find. Within half an hour, I was violently sick...


I took a summer job during college with a landscaping company. I had never had poison ivy in my life, had no idea how to identify it or what it could do to you.