Plant Control Service Providers


Mighty Green Lawn Care
Mighty Green Lawn Care is the leading lawn treatment company in Birmingham, Alabama. We provide services to help eliminate and prevent the growth of poison ivy, sumac, and oak, as well as other vegetation. Rates are negotiable, depending on the status of the plants. Contact us for more info.
[email protected] 205-290-1999
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Stafford Goat Rental
Goats Our rates are determined by the amount of vegetation, the area to be cleared and the amount of time we believe it will take to do a great job. We expect the land owner to provide a clear path for our fences, so it could be that a client might have to hire someone to do this part.
Central Arkansas and other areas. We do not do Northwest Arkansas but highly recommend Greedy Goats
[email protected] 501-519-5240 501-766-9044
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Poison Ivy Removal, Inc. 888-747-3543 888-PI-RELIEF
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Mr. Tree and Lawn Service
[email protected] 352-682-4444
Poison Ivy Control of Florida
[email protected] 248-613-7753
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Iowa Poison Ivy Removal

Call us to remove the poison ivy plants from your residential or commercial property. We're here to help! •

Hand Removal
Central Iowa. Des Moines and the surrounding area.
[email protected] 1-(515)-418-7963
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Pacocha Landscaping Services
[email protected] 847-699-0116
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Goat Browsers
We provide eco-friendly service utilizing goats. We work on properties where herbicides and machinery is prohibited. Ky Tn Ind Will consider other states. Mobilization fees (transport, setup, and shepherd , if needed) Fees are hourly rate or per acre.
[email protected]
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Poison Ivy League
Organic Chemical Free Manual Removal, i.e. by hand using set tools.
Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut.
[email protected] (401) 477-2380
The Gloved Hand Poison Ivy Specialist
South Western Massachusetts • See full Ad under CT listing.
[email protected] 203-736-0664
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Aspen Services
MAIL: P. O. Box 9, Rockville MD 20848-0009
SERVING: Montgomery County and limited areas of PG County and Northwest Washington, DC.
[email protected] 301-300-9239
JMH Development Inc
Manual Pulling and Root Removals, Chemical Treatments
Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Howard Counties, Baltimore City, Limited areas of Harford County
jmhde[email protected] 443-790-7520
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Goat rentals in Southern Maine to clear invasive plants and unwanted vegetation. Goats love poison ivy! $600/week for seven goats. They will clear about a quarter acre per week depending on density of vegetation. Operate within a 40 mile radius of Kennebunk. May travel further for the right job and increased fee.
infor[email protected] 207-210-4713
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Lakes Nutra-Lawn
Within 75 miles of Brainerd, Mn
[email protected] 218.866.0101
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Camo Yard Pro Invasive Plant Removal
[email protected] 336-224-6821 NC, SC, VA, and other states
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Advanced Land Management
[email protected] 973-406-7185
Poison Ivy Removal, Inc (tollfree) 1 888 PI RELIEF 1 888-747-3543
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Poison Ivy Extermination
Poison Ivy Removal, Inc. (tollfree) 888 PI RELIEF (tollfree) 888-747-3543
RAMS Poison Ivy Removal
Staten Island
[email protected] 347-884-5806
The Gloved Hand Poison Ivy Specialist
South Eastern New York State • See full Ad under CT listing.
[email protected] 203-736-0664
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Haulin' Goats
We bring our goats to your property, set up a temporary fence around the area that needs to be cleared, and let them do what they do naturally. We take them home in the evening and return as needed until the job is done! We serve the NE Ohio area, within around 45-60 min of our farm in Valley City, Ohio. Special consideration may be placed for jobs where the goats could stay on site overnight. Contact us for more info and rates.
[email protected] 330-242-06731 216-280-6299
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FlockWorks - Guided Goat Grazing
We supply the goats, fencing, housing and everything needed for a successful job. FlockWorks is a targeted goat grazing service. We've been working with goats to clear weeds, poison ivy and invasive plants of all types since 2013. We offer two general choices of service. 1. Repeated grazing (technically, browsing) where the goats eat all the leaves who and green growth of the poison ivy. 2. The goats come in and strip the poison ivy of all leaves and the vines are pulled and removed.
FlockWorks focuses on the Cumberland Valley of South Central Pennsylvania
[email protected] 717-417-8683
Poison Ivy Patrol
Poison ivy removal for New Cumberland and environs. Chemical Free & Guaranteed Free Estimates
[email protected] 717 468-3773
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Poison Ivy League
Organic Chemical Free Manual Removal, i.e. by hand using set tools.
Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut.
[email protected] (401) 477-2380
Poison Ivy Removal Man

No chemicals/all-natural poison ivy removal: Go to website for full pricing schedule. Specialist in removal of vines in trees, through rocks and anywhere on your property. Fully insured, references. Watch my video on YouTube. Paypal accepted.

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Jungle Taming 803-463-2655
William Grant
I provide a herbicide service for land owners. I have a pesticide applicators license and liability insurance. I also provide tree quality inspections and plant identification.
Columbia, SC and surrounding areas.
[email protected] 803-960-8751
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Weed Man USA
Northwestern Counties of Virginia 540-545-2010
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