The Worst Thing Ever

poison ivy barn

I had appeared on local media, talking about my favorite topic: poison ivy. After the show, a fellow contacted me to tell me about an abandoned barn in New Hampshire that he said I had to see.

He gave me complicated directions, and with some NH folks as guides, we went looking.

Sure enough, right where the fellow said it would be, was the most poison ivy infested structure I have ever seen. I might suggest that the poison ivy was now keeping the barn upright.

Have not been back to check on the barn lately.

But this is what poison ivy will do if it can: climb and take over. When it can't climb any more it throws a tantrum and explodes in all directions.

Please don't ask me how to deal with a situation this bad. I think I would crawl under the bed and hide. You can't burn it. You would need to dig a giant hole and bury it.