Winter Shrub

poison ivy in winter

I'll be honest. As a person somewhat obsessed with poison ivy, you would think I would always be able to spot it in any season, in any form of growth.

However, the winter shrub version of poison ivy, without any telltale thin roothairs, is really hard to spot. And if I didn't know that this little shrub near my house was poison ivy from seeing it all spring, summer, and fall, I would not have spotted it.

The stalks that grow on a small winter shrub just don't have anything about them that screams poison ivy: no leaves of three, no hairy roots. Really, I would need to use a SeeLeaf test kit to be sure.

And this is the kind of winter stalk that people pick to use for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, or to make craft items during the holidays. With BAD results.

The moral of the story? Winter shrub MIGHT be poison ivy, so think twice.

If you are a wiser observer and can tell us what to look for on such a winter shrub, please let us know!