Virginia Creeper On a Wall – In the Fall

Virginia Creeper in fall

Here is another example of how poison ivy's less harmful cousin, Virginia creeper, also turns colorful in the fall.

We often hear that, for some people, creeper gives them a rash like poison ivy, but we know creeper is not the menace that PI is: you can buy Virginia creeper at a nursery! You can't buy poison ivy.

When Virginia creeper covers a wall it looks different from poison ivy. Creeper tends to cover the entire wall in a nice, even pattern. Poison ivy tends to go more straight up the wall, looking for sun. Creeper uses walls as natural places to grow, whereas poison ivy uses them just to climb over to get to the next place.

Remember that Virgina creeper has a 5 leaflets in a group whereas poison ivy has 3. Once in a while, creeper has only 3 leaflets and once in a billion poison ivy has 5. But "leaves of three, let it be" is still a good phrase to remember.