A Vine Grows in the Bronx - Poison Ivy!

poison ivy fence in the Bronx

There is a wonderful book called "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". This is a parallel story: A Vine Grows in the Bronx.

Most of us don't think of poison ivy as a city thing, specially not in that ultimate city, New York. But this is the 2nd example this season of a major infestation in one of the 5 boroughs of New York City. See the other.

This is a fence behind a church in The Bronx. The leaves had already fallen due to anti weed spray but the vine left behind is even more scary. All those hairy roots, growing in and out of the fence. Getting the vine out from the fence would be a very messy job. I would wait for a few years for the vine to rot and then try to yank it off. 

I have seen poison ivy in many parts of New York City, Boston, Austin, Philadelphia, Cincinatti and am willing to bet I can find plenty in every major city east of the Rocky Mountains.