Two Great New Poison Ivy Books

poison ivy books by Anita Sanchez

As a poison ivy nerd, I figure I have heard most of what there is to say about poison ivy. But when I picked up the newest book by Anita Sanchez, "In Praise of Poison Ivy," I was totally mind boggled. She has done an astounding amount of research and compiled it into a very readable, fascinating story. I had read about Captain John Smith running afoul of poison ivy in Jamestown, but Ms. Sanchez starts with this tale and goes way, way beyond with details that will amaze you. Poison ivy at the palace at Versailles? The French doctor obsessed with poison ivy as a cure-all? Planting poison ivy to anchor the soil dikes in Holland?

There is so much to learn from this book that I will start reading it all over again right away. It also has a terrific appendix full of practical information about dealing with the plant, preventing the rash, and dealing with the rash if you already have it. Everyone from gardener or hiker to scientist will love this book.

But wait, there's more! She has also created a beautiful children's book called "Leaflets Three, Let it Be" to teach kids how to recognize the plant. The illustrations by Robin Brickman are lush and beautiful.

Anita suggests that you can buy each book from a local bookseller near you by following these links: 

In Praise of Poison Ivy 
Leaflets Three, Let Them Be

Give these books a look-see. You will be glad you did.