Tree Monster

poison ivy monster tree

I drove past this house today and noticed that the lovely front yard tree was totally covered in a monster wrapping of poison ivy. Took a quick snapshot, but I should go back and leave a note for them. This is a nightmare waiting to happen.

And note that the vine over by the front door on the left: that is ALSO poison ivy.

This is a case where it would take a great deal of poison to kill these vines and might end up killing the whole tree. On the other hand, tearing this out by hand could put a person in the hospital. I guess if this were my monster, I would wear thick gloves, long sleeves and go to work. After tearing it off, I would spray myself down with a hose, then wash in cold water, then lukewarm water, then hot water. (Hot water opens the pores, letting the oil get right in.)

Remember, you have about a half hour of exposure before the oil sinks in through your skin. And DON'T touch your face or eyes or other tender areas if you are around poison ivy: the oil goes into the thin skin much more easily.