Tall Poison Ivy

tall poison ivy

Poison ivy most often grows in two forms: a ground vine and a climbing vine.

But it is easy to show that the ground vine will become a climbing vine when it runs into a vertical to climb, such as a wall or a tree.

But there is another growth form that is slightly less common, but hardly rare: it can just rear up and form a shrub.

Here is me, your poison ivy nerd, taking a selfie with poison ivy that is about 4-5 feet tall. You can see that the woody vine from last year has made it through the winter and new growth is about to add several more inches to the total height.

In the winter these shrubby growths are hard to spot because there is nothing special about the way they look. But come spring, the Leaves of Three come right out, so don't limit your awareness to ground vines and climbing vines: this adaptable plant can and does form tall stalks and sometime actual shrubs. (Poison oak in California is very common in shrub form.)