Suburban Condo Poison Ivy

Suburban Condo Poison Ivy

This image illustrates two points:

1. It is very common to find poison ivy growing in well-tended suburban condominium developments.

2. The plant will climb when it can, but also grows as a ground cover. (Also as a shrub, at times.) 

The ground behind this tree is covered with poison ivy, though there is a mix of other ground-cover plants there. Getting rid of the ground cover poison ivy will not be easy. They can spray it or yank it. Spraying will kill all the broadleaf plants in the area. Yanking will unleash vast amounts of plant oil, so the person doing it better be either immune or extremely well protected.

The people who will be tasked with removing this mess may run afoul of it and bring it home to families on their clothes, shoes, and hands.

And much yardwork in the United States is done by Hispanic people who come from countries where there is little or no poison ivy, which is why we make the poison ivy and California poison oak posters in bi-lingual versions.