Spring Starts in the South

Site visitors from Nashville

We just launched this all-new version of this website at midnight on April 27, after months of working nights and weekends. We are pretty excited about the new site, as it works really well on phones and tablets, which are at least half of all site visitors. And as the summer gets into full swing, we expect that people out in the fields, woods, and beaches will have a much better experience with the website on their phones.

For now it is fun to sit and watch Google Analytics to see what topics people are clicking on, how they get to the site, and where they are. Popular pages, as I write this, include the FAQ, Poison Ivy Control, and Poison Sumac. The site now includes a great deal of information about the Pacific poison oak that grows in California and Western poison ivy that grows in the Northwest, so over time we should get more visitors from the West Coast.

Tonight, April 28, you can see that all visitors in the last few minutes are from the Southeast, where summer is way ahead of us in Yankeeland. Right now, there is no poison ivy in leaf up here near Boston, whereas in past years, by this time the stuff is going strong. And you can also see that Google tells us what city our site visitors are from, but no more info than that. So your privacy is pretty safe – unless you are the only person in your whole town. In which case I would guess you might not have internet access. But we have a Nashville cat looking at the site tonight, so I am guessing the poison ivy is leafed out in Nashville.

If your local paper or TV station runs an article about poison ivy, I bet we might see a cluster of dots from your own town.