SeeLeaf Detection Wipes: A Breakthrough Product

SeeLeaf detection wipes

Last winter I met some folks at a garden show who had invented a product that detects poison ivy, oak and sumac by turning pink when in contact with the urushiol oil inside those plants.

I figured I should wait till spring and test the product thoroughly with fresh poison ivy leaves before putting it on sale. Guess what? Spring finally came to New England, the poison is leafing out, and THIS PRODUCT WORKS!

There is no other product on the market that can tell you if a plant is poison ivy, oak, or sumac, but this one can. I made a video showing how it works, and letting you know the best ways I have found to use it. 

It is a brand new product, so we are all learning how best to use it. What I found is that it really works best with lots of plant oil, so breaking or cutting the vines to let some sap drip out works best. But you can also just crush a leaf and rub the wipes on that. If you have cut a vine with clippers the wipes may work if the oil is fresh enough. The oil does dry out, so last year's tools might not reveal their urushiol oil coating that well. The SeeLeaf folks tell me they did find poison ivy oil on golf clubs that were used in the rough.

But cut into the vine, let the sap drip out, and then USING RUBBER GLOVES, touch the wipes to the sap and shazam! If it turns pink, you have poison ivy, oak, or sumac. I was never able to get it to give me a false positive on other plants.