Save the Postal Service: Defeat Trump in 2020

defeat donald trump

Here at the poison ivy site we have seen our delivery times rise with absurdly long delays. Recently a simple Priority Mail package took from July 1st to July 31st to reach a customer in the midwest. We spent many hours and paid extra fees to track the package. It finally arrived but we never got an explanation of why a three day delivery took a month.

Now we see how President Trump has put Louis DeJoy in charge of crippling the postal service so that mail in voting can't be used to defeat him. 

President Trump stated that if voting was done by mail that Republicans would never win again, and COVID has forced him into action. He and his Treasury Secretary Mnuchin picked DeJoy to damage the Post Office enough that people will not trust mail in voting. And if enough people don't vote, Trump can call the election rigged.

This is the latest and most gross attack on our democracy by Trump and his criminal administration.

While this website normally maintains a non-political stance, when our means of delivering our products is attacked, we respond. 

Keep in mind that the GOP was been trying to destroy and privatize the Postal Service for years: their outrageous law that requires pre-funding retirement is the main reason, outside COVID, why the PO has financial troubles.

The founding fathers knew that a postal service was a requirement of democracy; otherwise only the rich and powerful could communicate. If and when the GOP succeeds in privatizing the Post Office your 55 cent letters will cost what they cost with FEDEX and UPS: $12.50.

If you want to pay $12.50 to mail a letter, go ahead and vote for Donald J. Trump.

NOTE: Since this post was first posted (!) the size and volume of orders from this site has increased dramatrically. Normally business falls away fast in September, so I am taking these orders as a vote against our current president!