Poison Ivy Springs!

poison ivy in spring

Depending on where you live, poison ivy leaves have either just popped out, or will do so very soon.

This is a pretty typical look for early spring growing tips of poison ivy. 

Note that the flower buds are also just about the come out; they are grouped all around the stems below the leaves. There will be rather small yellow or white flowers, which will soon turn into the common BB sizes berries.

Notice also that the notches on the leaves are very subtle at this early stage and that the leaves are not as wide at the base as they will get later on.

How much nasty oil is in these baby leaves? Seems like less than the big full grown leaves, but certainly enough to ruin the early part of your summer.

And lastly, remember that many plants have reddish leaves at first, so don't go nuts with the weedkiller!