Poison Ivy Smoke Affecting Animals?


Here is an interesting story sent in by a viewer. We are looking for input from veterinarians or from anybody who has anything to offer about the possible affect of poison ivy smoke on animals. It is widely reported by all the books on poison ivy that it doesn't affect animals, only people. And goats are famous for eating it up. But that refers to the leaves and vines, not to the smoke from burning them. Here is her story:

"I have poison ivy on my forearms and a few other places. After looking at the rashes that made your "Hall Of Fame" I realize how lucky I am that mine isn't much worse! I was in Georgia helping my son clear land. I was cutting and pulling vines down from trees. Some vines had thorns and some didn't but there were no leaves yet. I assumed that I had a run-in with something poisonous when I started itching with a peppery rash and then large bumps with sacs. I have learned through your site that poison ivy does not have thorns. Is there an ivy that does have thorns? I am trying to discover what the thorny nightmares are. Unfortunately we did burn the vines not knowing it was poison ivy and that the toxins would go airborne. The smoke was going into the chicken coop. The chickens have been developing respiratory problems and one to three chickens are found dead each morning. Do you think this could be what is killing the chickens? The goats and pigs seem unaffected, although the goats all came down with what my son thinks is pink eye? I would appreciate your thoughts or links to where I can find this information if you have any. Thank you for this site. I have been reading for hours! So much to learn!"

So that is the question: does anyone have good information on whether poison ivy smoke can affect animals?