Poison Ivy Party Time!

poison ivy roadside in fall

Poison ivy lives on nearly every roadside in the eastern part of the United States.

It loves the sunlight it finds there, and birds drop the seeds there when they hang out on the wires overhead.

And when fall comes, poison ivy puts on its party hat, giving us some of the brightest fall color, and some of the earliest.

But notice that right next to this brightly colored set of leaves there is another whole section that is still fully green, the part to the right of the red section. Poison ivy has a tendency to grow in extremely varied ways: shiny, not shiny, notched, not notched, a ground vine, a climbing vine, or a shrub.

In this case, it has shown up with screaming bright fall color, but also has deep green summer, just a foot away. 

There is not too much you can count on with this devious plant, other than No Thorns!