Poison Ivy Fence Disaster

Poison Ivy Fence Disaster

Expert poison ivy spotter, Karin Turer, sent in this monumental fence disaster. Not sure if the poison ivy knocked down the fence, but it has grown into a ming-boggling shrub on this suburban fence.

Oddly, this would not be THAT hard to remove, since it probably only has a few large vines that go into the ground, and if you cut those off and yank, you could remove the whole mess.

Poison ivy, even with it millions of root hairs, is easy to yank down from where it climbs; the root hairs are weak.

Where to you put such a mess of poison ivy? I often suggest dragging it into the woods if you have some where nobody goes. It does not re-root if tossed on the ground. But if you have no back woods lot, you might need to contact your town DPW and ask how to get rid of it.

Karin was also the person that spotted the EXTREMELY RARE 5-leaf poison ivy a few years back.