Poison Ivy Attacks House!

poison ivy house attack

Umar Mycka, that legendary poison ivy warrior, sent me the photo of a massive poison vine creeping up a house.

There are so many reasons you don't want this kind of thing going on. Let me count the ways:

  1. You, your family, your guests could get a world-class rash.
  2. It will tear the siding and trim off of your house.
  3. If there is a fire it can give you a hospital-grade inhalation situation, and attack the firemen.
  4. It looks like the house is uncared for, inviting thieves and vandals.

If you think you might have a monster like this creeping up your house and are not sure, send me photos of the leaves and I will confirm or not.

If you are in the vicinity of eastern Pennsylvania and have such a monster, contact Umar and his I Don't Want Poison Ivy service.