Poison Ivy Among the Apple Trees!

Orchard poison ivy

One place poison ivy LOVES to grow is in apple orchards. It loves the sunlight and the tree trunks, which provide great vertical surfaces to climb upon. Most apple farmers know about ivy and remove it, but not all know.

So when taking an idyllic afternoon to pick apples, keep your eye out for the tell-tale "leaves of three." And remember that poison ivy spreads on the ground around the trees, as well as climbs up them.

Also, though poison ivy is known for great fall colors, it can also stay green pretty late in the fall.

Is is safe to eat apples from a tree that has poison ivy growing up the trunk? Sure, as long as you don't touch the plant and then the apples. And if apples fall on the ground among the poison ivy, it would be a risk to pick them up and eat them!

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