Pacific Poison Mystery!

pacific poison oak map

We have been wondering for years, and still wonder: with so much terrrible poison oak throughout California, why are there no poison oak plant control services?

In the east, there are at least 3 in most every state. But the poison oak in California (and somewhat in Oregon and Washington) is at least as troublesome if not worse. Brush fires out there unleash life-threatening amount of poison oak smoke. Firefighters out there are going to the ER regularly for treatment.

Yet there is not a single poison oak control service submitted to this site, nor on Craigslist, nor via Google search. We just got off the phone with a frustrated LA home owner who has not been able to find any service that will attack his fairly small (25 x 25 foot) infestation.

Can anybody answer this? Why no such services in California, where this can be a year-round business, as opposed to the East, where the work is rarely offered during the winter.

Or better yet, can somebody fill this gap by providing the service?

(The map above is a screen capture of the USDA map showing the counties of California, Oregon, and Washington where Pacific poison oak has been reported.)