Offbeat Cat Treatment for Poison Ivy Rash!


I just received this totally offbeat way to deal with poison ivy rash:

"If one has a cat, put a little yogurt, tuna 'juice,' or other controllable substance onto a small section of the rash.  The cat's rough tongue does several things!  Kitty gets a treat while a) scratching the itch with its rough tongue, b) may break the blisters but licks the bad stuff right up, c) leaves the area clean (of treat) and dry(from the cleaned, broken blisters).

After the mutual aid, cover the area with both Caladryl or Zyradril and a bandaid/bandage.  Wonderful."

Before you call the ASPCS and PETA, let me remind you that cats don't get the poison ivy rash. And while I don't endorse this method, I thought it was worth sharing. Your results may vary.