This Is NOT Poison Ivy!

fragrant sumac

A viewer sent me this image for a second opinion on whether it is poison ivy. At first glance I thought YES, but then looked closer.

There are two aspects of this plant that are just not right for poison ivy (or poison oak).

For one thing, see how the center leaf comes down to a point where it joins the stem? With poison ivy and poison oak, the leaf base there is wide, like a shovel blade where it meets the handle. This narrow pointy leaf end is just right for PI and PO.

Then there is that little fruitlike thing that is growing. Poison ivy and oak have nicely round berries, about the size of a BB. This is something else, but what?

I thought I knew this plant, but could not recall it, so I suggested the view try getting iNaturalist, the nature ID app for smartphones. Sure enough, in a few minutes he found it to be... fragrant sumac. Which is ironic because it brings to mind our other nasty friend poison sumac, but this shrub is not much like poison sumac. 

I have seen large growth of fragrant sumac as decorative shrubs outside of buildings.