New Poison Ivy Vaccine in Testing!

poison ivy Tshirts

A company called Hapten Sciences is starting a test of a drug to prevent poison ivy, oak, and sumac rashes. In the past, there were shots given for this, but they were just tiny doses of the offending chemical, urushiol, and produced iffy results. Hapten Sciences is using a different approach with a drug named just PDC-APB for now. The research was done by the University of Mississippi, and licensed by Hapten.

So why am I showing T-shirts? Because the drug is just going into testing now and won't be available for years, assuming it is safe and works.

So the best way for you and loved ones to avoid the nasty rash is to recognize the plant and avoid it with these poison ivy ID T-shirts!

Plus these Ts make nifty and unique holiday gifts, so go buy some, in either off-white or black.

But if you would rather wait years for their drug, well then here is the press release from Hapten Sciences.