Monster Vine

monster poison ivy vine

This photo of a monster poison ivy vine was sent in by a viewer. It reminds me of the monster trees that came alive in Harry Potter.

This is very common: a nice open yard with a tree, but the tree is besieged by a massive growth of poison ivy.

This is actually not that hard to deal with since the vine is all in one spot.

Here is how I would handle this: I would put on thick rubber gloves, perhaps with work gloves over them, then get some clippers and cut off all the vines right near the ground. Then I would grab the vines and tear them off the tree and stuff them into a garbage bag for disposal. If I had a woodlot nearby, I might just toss the vines there, as they don't re-root when cut off. Remember that the cut vines ooze urushiol oil, so this needs to be done with CARE!

The obvious problem with spraying this vine is that you might end up killing the tree.