Jason Isbell mentions the weeds!

jason isbell

Word filtered down to us that Jason Isbell has a line in a song on his newest album, Reunions, that mentions poison ivy and oak.

Naturally, being total poison ivy and poison oak nerds, we wanted to hear it.

The songs is Dreamsicle, and the verse includes:

“Poison oak and poison ivy,
Dirty jokes that blew right by me,
Mama curling up beside me,
crying to herself”

It's a lovely song and you can hear it here.

Of course, being such PI and PO specialists, we should point out that there are only a few places where you can get both poison oak and ivy: the southeast of the United States. There is no poison ivy in California, and no poison oak in most of the rest of the country except the southeast. But Jason grew up in Alabama, so both plants were there. 

Also, the two plant names are used interchangeably; just depends on what your parents called it.