Ivy Oaks Analytics

Ivy Oaks Analytics

Some very smart and enterprising people have started a company to ELIMINATE poison ivy and related problems from your premises. This service is largely aimed at summer camps, but they can handle many different kinds of situations.

They have methods to handle some of the most pernicious outdoor pest problems:
• poison ivy
• ticks
• mosquitos
• bed bugs

You can visit their website to learn more, at www.ivyoaksanalytics.com.

They are connected with Virginia Commonwealth University's Biology program and their work is based on good, solid science. We were amazed to see that they have an effective program against ticks, which are actually the most dangerous of the pests, as Lyme Disease is a bad sickness, hard to diagnose and cure.

And they even certify areas as safe and list them on our website for the public to locate areas that remove poison ivy, reduce ticks, etc.