Hog Peanut, Not Poison Ivy

Hog peanut is a vine that can be very difficult to tell apart from poison ivy, and they sometimes grow on the ground together. 

Hog peanut does not climb as poison ivy does, so if you find a vine on a tree or house it can't be hog peanut (though it could be Virginia creeper).

They both have the same "leaves of three", so how to tell them apart?

One key is that hog peanut has very thin delicate stems, almost as thin as hairs. 

There are other subtle things to look for, such as the fact that hog peanut has fewer veins in the leaves, with more space between them.

Then there is a tiny, thorn-like growth at the base of each leaf stem on hog peanut, which never happens with poison ivy.

Lastly, remember that poison ivy is a woody vine, so when its leaves drop in the fall, the vine stays. But hog peanut utterly falls apart every year and starts from scratch the next year. So woody vines can't be hog peanut. And poison ivy can sometimes form a small shrub, but hog peanut, without woody stems can not form its own structure.