Goats for Poison Ivy Control

goat eating poison ivy

We have a new poison ivy control service listed: our first goat-powered service. Goats (and other farm animals) can eat all the poison ivy they want with no ill effects. Flockworks, in the Cumberland Valley of Central Pennslyvania, is in the business of bringing goats to areas where landowners want vegation cleared, including poison ivy. Click the link to visit their website and learn more. We encourage goat-based poison ivy control as a far better solution than herbicides. 

When I (site editor Jon Sachs) was young we had little poison ivy on our farm. But when we no longer had cows, goats, pigs, or horses grazing, the poison ivy took off. I spent summer spraying it with weed killer, which killed a number of nice trees by mistake. So I am a big fan of goats. Check out Flockworks!

Below you can see a photo of how effective goat plant control can be: one side of the fence is infested, the other is clear.

two goats

goats and fence