Frost Finishes off the Poison Ivy Foliage

fall poison ivy

Up here in central New England, 2017 has had an extremely late first frost. (I wil forgo discussion of global warming to avoid the hate mail that such topics generate.) 

Poison ivy, for all its macho toughness, is normally among the first plants to turn to fall color and then drop its leaves. But with the extreme warm October and early November, even some poison ivy leaves were still hanging out. Mind you, there are plenty of oak trees around here (metro Boston area) with fully green leaves. 

Last Saturday I happened upon a group of garter snakes sunning themselves on the forest floor in the 75 degree temperature. But last night it went down below 20, a very hard frost, and killed most remaining plants. The poison ivy that I saw today was limp and about to crumble, the last holdouts in a spookily warm fall.