Front Yard Nightmare!

front yard poison ivy

I was driving along and noticed this monster growth of poison ivy in someone's yard, along with various children's toys. So I knew that kids were at risk of the kind of rash that ruins the whole summer.

I stopped and knocked on the door, and the woman of the house answered. It took a moment, as it usually does, to let her know I was not selling anything, just letting her know that there was a monster in her front yard.

We went out to look over the nasty poison ivy vine that was exploding out of the stone wall in her front yard and talked about ways to deal with it.

There is no easy way: if you yank it out, you break the vine and unleash tons of oil, if you spray it, you endanger all your other plants, and perhaps your family. And the dead vines still contain the same oil that causes the rash.

I have not been back to check on how they dealt with it.