Fabulous Fall Foliage!

fall poison ivy

The story is told that people brought poison ivy BACK to Europe because of the great fall color.

Here is poison ivy growing out of a hedge, and it has some of the most amazing fall color in our area. 

(I made a deal with this homeowner to come and remove this vine from his hedge; if that happens look for another post on that...)

I have seen this all spring and summer and now at is loveliest in fall. The leaves tend to be less full of poison now since the sap is drawn back into the vine and roots for the winter, but I would never touch it. 

Oddly, I have never heard of poison ivy going invasive and spreading in England or Europe even though it was clearly planted widely. Seems that when all gardening was done by servants the noble could demand poison ivy be planted. But when gardening became a middle class hobby people didn't mess with it.