Don't Do This?

chain sawing poison ivy

We went out did what you should think twice about: cutting a poison ivy vine with a chain saw.

Cutting into the bark releases gobs of the sap that contains the urushiol oil that can land you in the ER.

Not that hand-sawing is any better; both will release the oil but the chain saw might spew it farther out.

After we did this cutting, we washed off with the AITEX, then put all clothes into a plastic bag headed for two washings in a machine with bleach.

By the way, cutting off the vine usually kills the plant. The upper part is dead for sure, the lower part rarely comes back after the cut.

But both upper and lower still contain lots of urushiol can cause the rash pretty much... forever.

I try to toss dead poison ivy into the woods where nobody will run afoul of it, or possible put in trash. But NEVER EVER burn it!