Dogs CAN Get Poison Ivy?

poison ivy dog

I have read in many books (and heard from various veterinarians) that no animal other than humans can get a rash from poison ivy. But I just got an email from someone who has been a veterinarian technician for over twenty years: she says she has seen cases of poison ivy in dogs, and that there are scientific papers that document that dogs can get the rash!

So I stand corrected, along with my various sources.

It would seem that animal fur protects them from getting the rash by keeping the oil away from their skin, but if a dog lies in poison ivy, such as the dog in the photo shown, they could get the rash on their bare stomach.

However, the dog in the photo was my good old buddy Walter, and he never got a poison ivy rash on this occasion, or any other. Remember, about 15% of people are immune to poison ivy, so it would seem likely that many dogs might also be immune. It might even be that some breeds are more or less sensitive. 

Also remember that if an animal rolls in poison ivy and gets lots of plant oil on their fur, YOU can get the rash from petting the animal. Since the oil is colorless and oderless it would be impossible to know if the oil is there. And the SeeLeaf detection wipes might not even pick it up.